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The easiest way to look up and assign a free SMS gateway
email address to your contacts to text for free!

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eSMS Finder
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eSMS Finder

Sending free text  messages via email is something  you've had access to for over  2 decades, yet most people don't because they simple can't find the information needed to convert a phone number into a valid  SMS gateway email address format (eSMS) address.

This is really a shame because having that informtion gives you the ability to text from any email program you have...from your PC or Mac, from your iPad, iPod, Windows 7 tablets and more, plus any web-based email you use like Google, Hotmail, Yahoo, even your corporate email solution.

Enter eSMS Finder.

This iOS app lets you locate a carrier in over 100 countries and shows you their eSMS format. With just a couple more taps you can pick a contact from your address book and then add a new email address for texting into their contact record. And when you synch your iOS device your newly added eSMS addresses get placed into your computer and other devices, letting you text from everywhere these contacts are stored.

Watch our YouTube demo if you still need some convincing or get the app from the App Store right now by clicking on the App Store icon to the left.

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