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How can I send a text message to a group?

We've worked out a procedure that you can use to make this happen using my favs. Here's the page with the instructions - it'll seem overly easy once you see how it can be done. We are working on streamlining this in future releases. Also, this will give iTouch iPod users texting capabilities when the app is updated to version 1.1 (coming very soon).

Where can I check on bug reports and fixes?

We have added a support page here to list the biggies and what release we have implemented a fix for it.

How do I add a new favorite?

It takes just a couple of steps to add a favorite to any group. You start with selecting a contact from your address book through the Contacts button at the lower left corner of the main screen. Once the contact detail screen is loaded, you can select the Add button (+) in the upper right corner to start the Add process. Select a single number or email address in each section and the group you want this new favorite to reside in, or add a new group from the last section of the Add screen. Then just save the your favorite. And by the way, you can save new favorites to any group you want (provided there is a spot left), not just the group you were viewing last. (top)

How do I add a new group?

There are two places where you can add a new group, the Add Favorite screen and on the Page Edit screen. You get to the Page Edit screen by going to the Page Jump screen and select Edit. (top)

How can I change the choices for a favorite after I added them?

When you Double Tap a favorite you are taken to their detail screen where you can select the Update button in the upper left corner. You will be presented with the same screen as you were adding the contact, with your previous selections checked. You can change any one of them, including the group. (top)

Can I move a favorite to another group?

Absolutely, just go to the Update screen for your favorite and pick a new group. (top)

Can I copy a favorite to another group or in the same group?

There is no copy function in My Favs. Just select the favorite from the Contacts list and then add them to the group you want. You may place a contact into a group as many times as you like - say an entry for work, one for home, etc. (top)

Can I rearrange the groups?

Just go to the Page Edit screen where you can use Edit mode to order your groups anyway you choose. (top)

How do I change the order of my favorites or delete one from a group?

From the Page Edit screen select the group you want to change and you'll be presented with a list of all of the favorites in that group. The Edit mode will let you move or delete a favorite from that group. (top)

Can I edit the address book from within My Favs?

Yes you can, from two places. Both the favorite detail screen and the contact detail screen have a blue and white detail disclosure button which will retrieve the address book entry for that contact. You can edit any of the information you need to and the favorite entry in My Favs will be updated. Some changes may need you to pick new choices in the Update screen. (top)

Is it possible to change the picture or other information for a favorite?

The simple way to do this is to make the updates from within My Favs by going to the contact detail screen to access the address book.If you change information in the Contacts or the Phonebook App, you will still need to access the address book information for the favorite from the Detail screen to bring those updates into My Favs. (top)

Can I edit the group email list, adding or removing addresses as needed?

Once you have the email opened up, you may change any of the fields you want. Select more recipients from the address book or delete any on the list that aren't needed. (top)

Is there a limit to the number of groups I can have in My Favs?

We haven't imposed a limit on the number of groups. We have tested 24 groups with 6-12 contacts in each group without any problems. If you go beyond that and experience a problem, please let us know so we can figure out what you ran into - it shouldn't be a problem. (top)

Can I add a number I just dialed to the address book or My Favs?

The Dialer keeps track of the last 5 numbers you have either dialed or texted. Just tap in the number display to bring up the list and select the one you want. From there you can tap the Add (+) button to add the number to an existing contact or create a new one. (top)

Why can't I retrieve a contact from my exchange server groups?

At present there is no way to connect the contacts you locate in the global directories to My Favs or your local address book. The best way to work through this is locating that contact from your desktop Outlook or Exchange client, saving the contact to your local contacts file. This contact will synch to your local address book and become available to My Favs. It will not stay updated with exchange services after that. You may also email the contact you want to your iPhone or iTunes system, then bring the contact into your address book by importing the VCF card file you receive. We will be on the look out for a better solution to this problem. (top)

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