my favs Quick Connections for all your Contacts
The simplest way to reach your favorite people on the iPhone!
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my favs for the Iphone
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my favs
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my favs lite

Release the power of a single touch on your iPhone!

For all your favorites with my favs you can . . .

  • Call
  • Text (individual & group)
  • Email (individual & group)
  • Address Map & Directions (individual & group)
  • Website Bookmark
  • Facetime
  • Skype Call
  • Skype Chat

And my favs helps you organize all of the contacts you want to reach quickly and easily by grouping them together. Whether the group is your family, close friends or the folks at the office, your life is filled with people, businesses or organizations that are natural groups.

This grouping feature can get you to a contact in just a few seconds and taps, much faster than typing in a name in the search field of other contact apps or scrolling up and down your large list of contacts.

Learn more about the product on our overview and videos pages, and take some inspiration from the uses page.


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