my favs Quick Connections for all your Contacts
The simplest way to reach your favorite people on the iPhone!
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You are encouraged to explore the app by just trying things out tapping, swiping, using a long touch. The quick hints are listed next to each screen shot below.

The main screen takes you everywhere in the app.

Each face can be tapped to contact them using the method shown with the center icon on the bottom tool bar.A long touch or double tap brings up a detailed contact screen.

The top left button is enable for group methods and acts on all members of the group.

Swipe the screen to change groups.
my favs Mainscreen
The group title is also a button to switch groups (pinching works too).
Reach the overview, videos, or us with the cogs icon on the top right.

The bottom left icon brings up your contacts directory.

Next to it are the information and services features.

The center icon shows the contact method, lets you select another method, and also reaches additional functions like the eSMS Finder.

The icon second from the right is the group contacts management screen. Use this screen to delete or rearrange your contacts.

The last icon on the right gives you access to a dialer that can text or call, plus add new contacts to your address book.

The contact mode screen lets you select what you want to happen when you tap a favorite's image.

From the top left: Skype calls, Skype chats, map an address, open a URL, Facetime, call, text, and email.

Additional functions within my favs are added at the bottom. The first of these is the eSMS Finder, which allows you to add a new email address to any contact so you can send text messages to their phone for free via email.
my favs Calling Modes

When you need to switch to another group this screen lets you just tap a group to bring it to the main screen.

Should you need to add a group, rearrange the groups, or delete a group, use the Edit button to access the appropriate screens.

This is the contact details screen, which will display all of the phone numbers, email addresses, street address, URL's and notes you have for a contact.

The top right button will either be Update or + (add) depending on how you reach teh screen. It will allow you to set the default choice for each contact mode.

The blue and white button takes you to the address book entry for the contact. Choose the update option on your return if you made changes.
my favs Contact Details

The bottom tool bar allows you to set the contact modes for each phone number, email, or URL (which is where Skype ID's should be stored).

The call and text modes for phone numbers are the two left choices. The center places the screen into Facetime mode, which supports phone numbers for calls to iPhones and email addresses for calls to iPods, iPads, and Macs.

The two right choices set you into Skype call and chat modes. You may tap a phone number or a Skype ID stored in a URL field.

The dialer supports phone calls and text messages to any phone number you can dial wih the keypad. Special characters like # and * are not supported because of Apple's restrictions. You have to use the native dialer for calls requiring them.

Tap the number display to recall the last 5 dialed or texted numbers. Swipe this space to erase the entire number or use the red and white x to delete the last character typed.

Use the top right + button to add the phone number to your address book, as either a new contact or an addition to an existing one.

Choose the SMS button to send a text and the Call button to place a call.

Map mode will take you to this screen. Here you can tap on the pin to get a display of the address and the blue and white button will take you to Google Maps to give you directions from your current location to this spot.

The map modes will let you switch between map, satellite, and hybrid views. You may also pinch to zoom and move around by dragging.

Group mapping will have all identified addresses posted on the map. You may get directions to any pin on the map.

Selecting a URL will allow you to surf the web beginning at the site you selected.

Should you need more control over the surfing experience, just use the pop-out button on the lower right to open the current page within Safari.

The other controls provide forward, backward, and reload control over the pages.

eSMS Finder has been integrated into my favs. This utility allows you to create email text message addresses for your contacts on over 100 wireless carriers around the world.

First select the carrier on this screen, your selection will appear in the title bar.

Select the + button to go pick a contact or multiple contacts to attached an email address to.

Once a contact is picked, simply tap the phone number you want converted to a text email address. Once the task is completed, a check mark will appear.

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