my favs Quick Connections for all your Contacts
The simplest way to reach your favorite people on the iPhone!
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How might you use My Favs to keep in touch with those people and things you enjoy in life?

Active Lifestyles

For those of you with an active lifestyle, put all of your friends and places you enjoy into My Favs and reach them with just a touch or two.

Busy Mother

Who says just being a mother isn't a busy vocation? Keep some order for all of those commitments you have by putting them close on your iPhone. Never fumble again to find the coach's number for your daughter's club soccer team or calling a neighbor when their cat shows up in the back yard with a new litterof kittens. 

Senior Executive

You run a company, lots of commitments making your time even more precious. Save time reaching the people your responsible for and keep those refreshing activities close at hand too.

University Professor

Being a university professor has you interacting with all sorts of groups, from the master's committee you chair, your peers in the department, or th academic senate sub-committee you chair. My Favs can give you the tool you need to organize and keep in touch with all these folks in more.

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